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Guest Post: Speed Dating From A Man's Perspective

My friend MC regaled me with the story of his recent foray into speed dating in Atlanta, and once I heard the story, I knew we had to post it. Show him some love & check out his recap of his night of speed dating. Dating in Atlanta has been quite stale as of late. Granted I have been traveling a bit on the weekends, but when I have been in Atlanta, it has been the same. Contrary to what people think, due to the high ratio of women to men in Atlanta, dating here is not as easy as it is portrayed. This past weekend I got the chance to do something unique that I have not tried in my dating quest.... Speed Dating….

My goal was to go in with no expectations and just have a good time. I knew that speed dating has no script; just you and the person you are talking to.

When I arrived at the speed dating event it was interesting….first, I felt really sorry for the women…when I walked into the venue it was a chic place with a plush atmosphere and I counted, there was 33 women and 7 guys….Eventually it picked up but the stage was set.

Once we got settled, the host Brandon set the stage and the format was simple:

  • Every time the song changes, you change dates
  • No exchanging phone numbers, business cards, twitter or facebook accounts
  • Be respectful
  • Have fun
  • You are given a card and you can rate the dates and if you are on the same page (Interested, Very interested or not interested)

My pros about the event was that every woman I met for the most part was cool, jovial and open to meeting people. The event also had a demographic of career oriented women that I haven’t seen around Atlanta which was good for me.

Here is my run down of the women I “dated” and who stood out the most…The names have been changed to protect their identity…

Rachel - She was a cool woman with a great personality, a natural hairdo, and some crisp Christian Louboutin shoes. I also liked that she was a sports lover. She was questioning and challenging my Chicago Bulls! I also liked her teeth. She had a great smile and never had braces like me. I circled Very Interested.

Michelle - She had a cool vibe and actually had a cool 2012 "Michelle Obama"-esque combover. The best part about her was her conversation. She asked a lot about me and why I was single. She also discussed her dating life. It was refreshing to meet someone who was really up front all around. She also had a cool set of pearls on and I circled interested.

Angie - She was cool but not really getting the looks I thought she deserved. She was cool but not really my type, but she had a cool Halle Berry haircut.  I would set up for my friend but she had a good mouthpiece also. Laid back and funny. I actually felt less pressure when dealing with her.

Camille - She was cool actually more cooler than I expected once we started talking. She was fun, but I think she should open up a little bit more.

Jackie - Actually this was my favorite out of everybody…Out of all careers; she was a Technical Writer like me! I was shocked. I never met a woman who was cute and a technical writer! It just never happens and she had 2 of my turn ons…pearls and stockings! She was really cool and had gorgeous light brown eyes. I circled Very Interested.

Overall the event was a great one, especially since I got to be a guest and hang out. I had a blast and I have rejuvenated my dating spirit.

I checked my email a few days later and I received 2 matches so stay tuned...

So what do you guys think about MC's experience at speed dating? Have you tried it? Would you ever try it? I'd love to hear some stories in the comments!

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