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Guest Post - It's Not Just About Steak and BJ Day

Hey yall, here's another guest post, this time from the homie 3rings. Show him some love please First, I would like to start off by saying thank you to an old e-friend, Jub, for allowing me to share her space and for allowing me the opportunity to write to you all today. My topic of discussion I would like to present to you is about the males version of Valentine's Day, also known as Steak and BJ day. For the uninitiated, March 14th is a day of which men have selected in response to the more woman-oriented Valentine's Day. On this day, ladies who have a man (jumpoff, FwB, etc) are asked to prepare a steak for their man and top it off with a happy ending (oral sex). While reviewing my Twitter timeline, there were a lot of women who flat out refused to take part in such a day, but were ecstatic to be a part of Valentine's Day. That is called being selfish, very selfish.

On Twitter what generally happens is a playful topic is morphed into one of serious discussion. Some of the ladies viewed this day, the act of cooking, and the act of oral sex, as submission towards a man. It only takes a limited amount of experience to understand submission and sisters are not joined together lol. The cries are loud and venomous as normal anytime the word submission is brought up in any form. This "holiday" is being seen as an act of submission when it was just intended to be playful.

I do know this, the act of submission is the best gift a woman can ever give a man besides children. Before the ladies pull out your weapons, hear me out.

Submission is not a weak thing nor does it mean your opinion is not valid. It simply means you trust your mate to make the correct decision after having asked your views on the topic. I think far too often, most especially when it comes to the Black community, the word is looked on as a negative. I would go so far as to say that the women who refuse their man when he asks for a simple steak and oral sex either do not want  to submit (for fear of being deemed weak) out of hand or is simply very selfish. This is one of the biggest reasons, in my opinion, Black men and women cannot get along. Somebody has to lead and a lot of fellas are not going to be the follower.

The holiday aside, lets look a little bit more into that last sentence. Questions have always been asked as to why the brothers are dating the others. In my opinion, it is because a lot of sisters want the role of head of household. The whole I am a strong woman, I am a CEO of this or that, the perceived attitudes (justified or not) have lead many a brother (if they admit it or not) to move on to where he can be the man of his home. Now, before you say this, "well, if he cannot handle a strong woman, he is a punk or female dog" I offer this: why would anybody want to put up with that if they do not have to? Ladies have requests and most do not settle for anything less. If a woman will refuse a request like a steak and BJ, what else will she refuse? Where else will she be combative? And the big question - do I really want to deal with a selfish, combative, argumentative woman? In most cases, that answer by actions are no.

I end with this, March 14th is meant for fun and for pleasing the man who lays it on the line every day for you. It is not meant to demean or anything of that nature. If you took it as such, maybe you should reevaluate some things in your personal life. The act of submission is not for the weak woman; it shows true strength and the trust you have in your mate. And lastly, if you are one of those people always stating what you will not do because it makes you look a certain way, that is your right and I will defend it to the death. However, I prefer my steak medium rare and my oral sex done slow and very moisturized.

Thank you for reading.

Alright yall, thoughts? Is 3rings on point here or is he off his rocker? Hit the comments!

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