Guess what I got today?

So this afternoon I'm working (ok, not really, I was on PledgePark) and my cell rang from a LM number. I thought it was my cubemate being a loser so I ignored it and it went to VM. I check the VM and its the visitor's center saying I have some flowers...and I think they must have called the wrong person. But then the delivery guy calls!

So now I'm all excited, so my cubemate and I hop in a golfcart and drive over to the visitor's center (our site is closed to the public so we had to go all the way over there) and I walk in and see the prettiest set of flowers I think I've seen in a very long time.

Its a dozen white roses with lilacs...aren't they pretty?

So who did I get them from? Well that was the really surprising part. I thought they came from my mom, but they were from a GUY! And a nice guy on top of that. We've hung out a few times and he told me that he liked me, but I didn't think he was being serious and I told him so. I guess this was his way of proving to me that he really does like me. *blushes*

I feel special.