Graduation Memories

Six years ago today, I graduated from undergrad with my B.S. in Chemistry. At my very large undergraduate university, the school is so big that each college has its own graduation ceremony, which means that everyday for two weeks there is a graduation ceremony on campus.  Because my major was in the engineering college, I actually graduated the Friday before finals week.  That would kinda suck if you had "real" classes your last semester, and had to actually sit for a final.  I think I had maybe 1 final in my last semester, and it wasn't a final for my major, so essentially I was done when I walked across the stage.

The day of my graduation, I was so happy and excited, mostly because it was a very long hard expensive (and broke!) road to get there.  And my family was coming in to see my graduate, and I was very excited about that.  I was the first on my mother's side to go to a 4-year college & the first to graduate, so it was a big deal.

My graduation ceremony wasn't until 7pm, so I had plenty of time to do things like go to the laundromat & lock my keys in the trunk, and then wait for the locksmith to come & unlock my car; relax my hair; and pick up my grandfather from the airport & meet my family at the hotel.  I was kinda frazzled by the time I got everything done, but I knew that once I got to campus it would be smooth sailing.  Before the ceremony most of the departments in the engineering college held a reception for students & parents, including my department.  We arrived too late for the official reception, but there was plenty of champagne leftover, which my classmates & I partook in while lined up on the Mall before the ceremony. 

Lots of free champagne+boredom+peer pressure = Jubi being nice & tipsy for her graduation.

Being tipsy does make it easier to get through the boring parts of a graduation tho..I highly recommend it.  And the plus is that by the time I got to walk across the stage, I had sobered up enough to not trip & fall.  And even though I asked my mom not to, she and the rest of my family were extremely loud when my name was called...but I knew it was gonna happen.  I then promptly skipped out on the rest of the ceremony with the fam & got some dinner.

In some ways it seems so long ago that I graduated, because I'm so far removed from my college life...and yet my memories are as vivid as ever.  When I was graduating & envisioning my life 5-10 years later, I'm not where I thought I would be, but that turned out to be a good thing.  Just going for the ride & letting the Universe take me places has enriched my life.