Goodbye VIBE

If you haven't heard by now, VIBE magazine is no more. I can't front, when I first heard the news via Twitter, my first reaction was "thank you!". Over the past couple of years, I've been very dissatified with the editorial content and direction of the magazine. I was planning to cancel my most recent subscription, but then decided to let it run its course and simply not renew it when the time came.

I've been a VIBE reader pretty much since the magazine began. I remember that because I was in middle school, and it was my favorite magazine next to YSB (yall remember that? Now that was a great magazine). My first VIBE subscription was a birthday gift, and I loved it. VIBE covered the artists that I loved and wanted to see: Jodeci, Snoop, 2Pac (remember his interview about the rape allegations and being in jail?), Mary J. Blige, etc. But beyond that, they highlighted various facets of life in a way that was both interesting and educational for me.

I remained a loyal VIBE reader and subscriber for at least 10 years, but the last couple of years the magazine just wasn't giving me what I wanted anymore. I definitely didn't like the last change in EIC, and I thought the change in design style was too much and I preferred the old look. But more importantly, I did not like their choices for cover artists. Plies? Ciara and Eminem every other month? It became as boring and predictable as Essence (who I no longer subscribe to and who I wish would fold as well).

I mentioned that I wasn't sad to see VIBE go on Twitter, and I got a bit of a talking-to from someone. Basically they were saying that I outgrew the magazine and didn't see how it was relevant, but that doesn't mean that VIBE shouldn't be around anymore. I had to sit and ponder that one. Yes, I had outgrown VIBE. I'm no longer their target audience. But I think my biggest beef with VIBE was not that the content was irrelevant to my life, it was that the content was redundant and unentertaining. I had absolutely no desire to pick it up and read the articles or even look at the pictures. 20 Questions wasn't even funny anymore.

Now VIBE Vixen....that was a magazine that I liked, and I was sad to see it go so quickly. Perhaps it can be resurrected.

Anyway, RIP VIBE....