Goodbye and Hello

Last week I said goodbye to Orlando and hello (again) to Minneapolis.

This is a bittersweet time, mostly cause I never thought I'd be sad about leaving Orlando. I miss the familiarity, and most of all, my people. But it was time to go.

Minneapolis is great, but damn its cold! And of course I got sick...a sinus infection which has knocked me on my ass & made me miserable.

The new job is great. I'm still the only Negro tho, but what else is new. I had a tiny bit of apprehension over if I was really ready for this new job and the responsibility, but so far everything has been great. I'm definitely ready, and shame on my old company for not giving me the opportunity I deserved. My only complaint is that my phone doesnt work in my office or in the labs, because they are in the basement of the building. Right now I dont have a lot of downtime, but we'll see how that goes as I get acclimated to the gig. I miss doing my Twitter QOD's and checking my Google Reader throughout the day.

Anyway, overall I'm glad I moved. It was time for a new opportunity.