Going Fishing In Public

I know yall saw that "Questions" thing on FB yesterday. In case you missed it, or you're one of the 3 ppl who isn't on FB, I'll explain. For some reason, folks were on FB asking their friends to send them questions to their inbox, and then answering those questions publicly in their statuses.

#lame #wack #doingtoomuch #tryingtoohard

It was quite apparent from the questions posted that most ppl were on FB fishing. Either they were fishing for info from the person by asking highly inappropriate questions...or the person who posted the "question" was fishing for compliments, or attention or whatever.

Look yall...some stuff just doesn't need to be on FB, or the Internets at all for that matter. Some stuff just shouldn't be said, no matter how much you want to know. Do not ask your ex-boo if you can still hit it even though they are now married. Do not ask your high school crush if they knew that you liked them back in the day. Do not ask your mama if she knew you were sneaking girls into the house.

Better yet, just don't play at all. No good can come from it. Its like Honesty Box or Formspring but a real bad version...

And while we're on the subject...don't fish in general. Its not attractive. Whether its for compliments or sympathy or whatever, nothing good can come from fishing. Its unattractive. Don't have that super emo cliff-hanger FB status so that you get a million "you ok? Whats wrong?" comments. You got something to say? Just say it, with no ulterior motives. Playing the game in a public forum like FB so everyone can see & comment (and more importantly, judge)? Not cute.

Did yo do the "Questions" thing on FB? Did you see some crazy questions on your News Feed? Or were you just annoyed with it altogether like me?