Getting What You Want

Ugh, I've started this blog post like 3 times, but I keep deleting it cause its not coming out right. Maybe we'll just go for some stream-of-consciousness type writing today.

As they say, when one door closes, another opens. When I closed the door on my relationship wtih DB, I had no idea that I was opening the door to something else...or in this case someone else. I laid a foundation for what I wanted, and I made I promise to myself to accept nothing less.

The not-so-new guy JB (not-so-new because we met almost a year ago) has more than satisfied my desire to spend time with the man I'm dating. He doesn't live in Orlando, but he makes a huge effort to spend quality time with me. He once drove 2 hours just to take me to dinner (Bonefish Grill -yum!) and then drove back home right after dinner, and didn't even try to kiss me. Now that's a gentleman. He has left work to spend time with me. He makes plans with me and actually keeps them. He calls just to say hi and txts when he can't call.

About a week ago I lost sight of the big picture and got upset over a very little thing, and my friend FS was kind enough to tell me to get my life together. And he was absolutely right. I am getting all the things that I wanted, a man who cares for me, spends time with me, keeps his word, and is genuinely interested in me and a relationship. I can't be distracted by the little things (cause yall know I'm quick to quit a guy).

This new dating situation is nice, and I'd like it to develop into something more. We'll see what happens...