Getting My Life Together Part II

Note: I was feeling emo so I sat on this post for a few days...and I'm glad I did. I don't write when I'm sad, and I was really down before I wrote this. This time two years ago, my life was totally different. I was MISERABLE. Unhappy...stuck...and unable to do anything besides whine to my friends about my unhappiness.  I literally reached rock-bottom before I got fed up and made changes.

2009 was the year of getting my life together. I made moves, tried some new things, approached the world with a different outlook, and things started happening for me, the culmination being the job I have now, and the move in early 2010. And overall 2010 has been a great year - with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are making my life more difficult. Have me feeling more emo (in a bad way) than I want to be. 2008 & 2009's despair is slowly creeping back, and I don't ever want to be as low as I was back then.

So I'm going back to the things that worked before, in an effort to fix what's wrong. Will I be completely 100% successful? Who knows...but I'm giving it a concerted earnest effort.

Wish me luck.