Getting My Life Together

Yall remember when I first moved to Orlando? I was UP.SET. Actually, upset is an understatement. I was bored outta my mind.

Keep in mind that I moved to Orlando from Atlanta, a city that I loved. I didn't kick it nearly as hard as I could have, because I was in school, but there were plenty of options when I had the opportunity. Plus museums, theater, art, concerts, fab shopping, fab restaurants....I was very happy.

Then I moved to Orlando...and it was a huge letdown.

So for the past 2.5 years I've been whining to anyone that would listen about how much I hated Orlando, how I wanted to leave & get to a real city, how much Orlando sucked, how wack it was, how there was nothing to offer a sophisticated person like myself, blah blah blah.

I whined and whined and complained....and then I started to notice two things: *My situation wasn't changing (I was still in Orlando) and I was getting more miserable by the minute * I was getting on everybody's nerves, including my own

That's right....I got on my own nerves with all my whining. So I had a talk with myself, and we decided that we were gonna do better. I made myself a promise to get out, explore Orlando, and if I still hated it after all that, then I'd either go back to school or put the job search into hyperdrive.

So what have I been doing? Let's see...I hit the Orlando Fringe Festival with my friend RJ...I joined two Meetup groups (Orlando Movie Group and Orlando Natural Hair)...Still active in Restaurant Mafia (website coming soon folks!)...joined a new gym (24 Hour Fitness - got some cuties there)...been out to various restaurants/bars/lounges/clubs....

Got more stuff lined up...and you know what, Orlando isn't so bad after all. Its no Atlanta, but its do-able, for now. If the Universe wants me to have another opportunity in another city, I will definitely pursue it, but right now I'm ok.

And no more whining. Yay!