Get Up and Go Vote!

Its November 2nd, Election Day.  Time to exercise your Constitutional right & go vote.

I don't care if you're a Democrat, Republican, Tea Partier, liberal, conservative, Green, or even with the Rent Is Too Damn High party....just go vote!

While this isn't a Presidential election year, this year's election is just as important.  Every seat in the US House of Representatives is up for election, along with 1/3rd of the seats in the US Senate.  There are gubernatorial races in many states (including here in Minnesota). And equally important are all the local elections that hinge on your vote today - for mayors, judges, county commissioners, etc.  Plus there may be state constitutional amendments on your ballot, depending on your state.

Lifehacker has this great handy guide on today's election, including how to find your polling place if you haven't done so already.  And quick note for my fellow Minnesotans - you can register to vote on-site today; bring your ID w/your current address (or a lease/utility bill) and head down to your polling place to register & vote.

Happy voting!

And remember: