Get In Touch With Yourself...Literally

How many of you masturbate?

I posed this question to my Twitter followers one night during my #twitterafterdark QOD session. For those uninitiated, #twitterafterdark, or #TAD, is for grown folks talk. So during #TAD QOD, we discuss a random sexual question that I pose to the Twitter masses.

I posed the question because I was randomly thinking about masturbation and whether folks do it, after reading this post on Until I Get Married. After I read it, I started thinking about people who don't masturbate. To me, that's like seeing a wooly mammoth on the street - it just does.not.compute. No masturbation? For why? I guess I could see it if you are having sex like everyday...but you aren't fucking & you aren't having alone time either? Yeah....that's wack.

It's generally assumed that men are masturbating regularly, and based on my #TAD QOD, that's the case. As for the ladies...well there are some who still subscribe to the "ladies don't do that" school of thought, while others will vigorously proclaim that they have regular alone time sessions. I fall in the latter - I love alone time, I find it necessary, whether I'm having regular sex or not. I couldn't imagine NOT having alone time - that sounds like a miserable life.

The biggest reason why folks should be having alone is the obvious - your partner can't please you if you don't know how to please yourself. Masturbating, especially for women, helps you figure out what you like/don't like, what techniques/areas are guaranteed to get you to the mountaintop, what techniques won't even get you from base camp 1, and overall help you be more comfy with your body. When you comfy in your body, and confident in your ability to please both yourself & your partner, trust me, the sex gets way better.

Diving into masturbation can be scary, there are a ton of toys out there. I say, just jump right in. You can hit a brick&mortar store, attend a pleasure party, or do some discreet online shopping. There are a variety of different toys on the market, in various shapes, sizes, colors, materials, etc. Find something you're comfy with and try it out. When its time, have some alone time when you're comfy. When you first start, you will be inundated with sensations & before you know it, you'll be an alone time pro.

For those of you who enjoy your alone time, don't make it a chore. Switch it up a bit. Use a different hand (#chuckle) or pick up a new toy. Check out some new porn, there is a ton on the Internets, no need to pay for it if you don't want to. Hell, pick up the phone & call someone - phone sex is fun too. Whatever you do, just have fun & be safe.

What's your opinion about masturbation? For the folks that don't have alone time, I'd really love to know why. Do you have a low sex drive? Find it nasty? Are you celibate & find it easier to not have alone time?  Discuss!