Friday Faves and Random Thoughts!

Hey folks! I hope everyone had a great week! My favorite looks of the week:This week I wore a new sweater dress from Gwynnie Bee, and also put together a couple of new combinations for #wearwhatwherejanuary. I'm thinking about keeping the sweater dress!

Saturday casual

A new twist on red, black and white!

Taylor Dresses sweater dress from Gwynnie Bee!

Favorite activity: I got back into knitting over the summer, and since then I haven't been able to put my needles down! I've been making a lot of stuff - mostly scarves and coffee sleeves, but I want to try my hand at a couple of hats, if I can figure out these double point needles. I have a ton of yarn in my apt and I recently purchased a set of interchangeable needles, yay! I'm spending most of my free time knitting and it's been so much fun. I'm about thisclose to taking the plunge and opening an Etsy shop, simply to sell the things I've made.

Favorite new thing I got this week: I took the plunge and got a new tattoo! Last weekend, LM and I went to the Minneapolis tattoo convention, which was pretty fun. There were a ton of tattoo artists there and a lot of beautiful work done. I met a local artist there and made an appt to get a tattoo done on Tuesday. I've wanted to get an Eye of Horus tattoo for 3 years, and I finally made it happen. This one is located on my left wrist, so my astrological Cancer tattoo on my left wrist has a friend now :-) I'm absolutely in love with it - take a look!

New tattoo! Eye of Horus in blue and gold.

Dutchess and Ceaser from Black Ink Crew were at the tattoo convention. They aren't as dusty in person as they look on tv. Dutchess is also really short, like maybe 5' even. Ryan from Black Ink Chicago was also supposed to be there, but he didn't make it. I was hoping to see if he was as cute in person.

Also, I hate that Ceaser spells his name wrong, ugh. He's about as horrible as Fabolous.

I'm a finalist for the APW 2016 Internship - very excited about that! I have to submit 5-10 pitches for pieces I want to write for the site. This is coming at a great time, because I've been working out different post ideas in my head. I want to write a few things about marriage, a few things about race/gender and a few things about feminism. I really hope I get the internship - wish me luck!

I'm having issues with Tweetdeck Web in the office and it's annoying.

#Shoutout to everyone who told me to get Spotify premium! I'm using it constantly. My poor iPod is only used for podcasts now, which is kinda sad.

Whats been your faves this week? What randomness do you want to share? Hit the comments!