For Him

To the world, he is a fortress. Strong, formidable, impenetrable. Outwardly, he is the image of strength & success.

In his mind, he is a titan - master of influence, powerful, unbeatable.

Until he is with me.

With me, his fortress crumbles. His powers of influence fail him. He falters & stumbles.

It is an unfamiliar & unwelcome feeling. He has spent years perfecting his armor, and it is without a single flaw. Yet somehow I was able to sneak in, undetected. He didn't even realize it was happening until it was too late. He was so busy guarding the front gate, he didn't realize that I was standing right behind him until it was too late.

How unsettling it must be to spend years building your defenses, only to discover they harbor no protection when you think you need them most.

But what if the protection isn't needed anymore?

What happens when your perceived enemy becomes your greatest ally?

Do you let them in or continue to hold them at arm's length, wary of a possible attack?

If only he could see that his greatest champion is before him. With him to catch him when he stumbles. Beside him at every step along his journey. Handing him the bricks he uses to build his fortune.

I am not there because he needs me when he is weak.

I am there because his strength gives me strength. And together, the beauty we create is stronger than anything else in this world.

The beauty I see in him outweighs & outlasts everything.

What made him the man he is...are the same things that are keeping him from being the man I need him to be...the man we need him to be.

And so I stand aside, knowing the right course but unable to set him upon it. Knowing that he must come to  it on his own, and that he may never get there.

I leave it in his hands...

Hopeful that one day he will see what was always there...