Five Things I Miss About Orlando

Its been almost a year since I left Orlando (also referred to as the seventh circle of Hell & the capital of family fun) and moved back to the Twin Cities.  I'm extremely happy that I got to move back to a place I love & get out of a place I didn't like.  But there a few things that I miss about Orlando, even though I didn't care for it as a place to live overall.

Five Things I Miss About Orlando

*Cheap flights - living in a tourist destination means there are a lot of airlines & flights to choose from, as well as a variety of destinations, especially nonstop destinations.  I got super spoiled being able to hop a flight at a moment's notice for dirt cheap.  Now that I'm back in Mpls, finding a decently priced flight is like finding a stripper who is a virgin - pretty much impossible.

*The great restaurants I discovered - Thanks to Restaurant Mafia, I had built a list of great local restaurants in Central Florida that I loved to visit.  One thing I love is good food, and after some exploring I discovered that Orlando had plenty of it.  I had a go-to list of great places; whenever I was in the mood for Cuban, Thai, sushi, Italian, etc I had a place to go.  Mpls has great restaurants too, but I haven't built up my go-to list yet (though I'm working on it).

*My old job - I knew my old job had some perks, but I didn't really appreciate them until I left.  I used to work a 9/80 schedule, so I had every other Friday off.  I wasn't required to work overtime, and I didn't have to take vacation time to do things like go to the doctor.  I had a boss that didn't really care what I did as long as my work got done & data went out.  My phone worked in my office & I could be on Twitter & BBM all day. *sigh* I'm still happy that I left - my new job has taught me new skills & it got me out of Florida. But if I could have moved out of Florida AND kept my old job, I would have.

*My circle of friends - It took some time, but I developed a great group of friends in Orlando & I miss hanging out with them. A big part of my circle were my friends from Restaurant Mafia, the dinner group I joined & later helped run. I also made some great friends at my job, like my homie LM.  I also became close to a good soror there & met some cool folks through her. Since I moved, LM has come to visit twice, but I haven't been back to Florida yet to see the rest of the homies, I need to rectify that.

*The shopping opportunities - I know that I'm on restriction & I've been good...but there's no way restriction would have lasted so long in Florida.  In Orlando there are two great outlet malls, Prime & Premium (and they both have the same stores pretty much, they are just on opposite ends of International Drive). Those were my go-to destinations for Coach, Michael Kors (I REALLY miss that outlet store), Gap, Banana Republic, Aldo, etc. The outlet in St. Augustine is home to one of the few Gucci outlets, which I loved as well. And then there were several great "regular" malls, including Florida Mall and Mall of Millenia. Yeah...I'd be in TROUBLE if I was still in Florida...tho my handbag collection would be much more fabulous than it is now *sigh* That's ok, being good is better for my overall bottom line.