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Five Reality Shows That Need To Go Away

I probably watch more than my fair share of reality tv. What I can say, I grew up on it, beginning with sleazy talk shows, The Real World, and Road Rules. Lately though I've been very frustrated with reality tv, and I want 90% of it to go away. So without further ado...Five Reality Shows That Need To Go Away #posthaste:

*All the Real Housewives franchises - This show was fresh & new with the Orange County cast, entertaining with the NYC cast, and prime gossip fodder with the Atlanta cast. Since then they've added New Jersey, DC, Beverly Hills and now Miami. I've heard rumblings that a Houston cast in development. What's next - Real Housewives of Oklahoma City? Come on man! Each cast tries to trump the previous iteration, which means more drama, more gossip, more cat fights, and more importantly, more people trying to pretend to be something they aren't solely to get a little shine on tv. Folks are being foreclosed on, having cars repossessed, are $20 million in debt, catching cases, and even crashing White House events just so they can be on tv. I call #shenanigans on it all, and I want it all to go away. NOW.

* Maury, Jerry Springer, and any other sleazy talk show still on the air - Remember when you were in like 6th grade & your favorite past-time was to watch fights on shows like Ricki Lake, Maury & Jerry Springer? Yeah....that's not entertaining anymore. So why is Maury still on? And why the hell does Jerry Springer still have a show, do people even watch it? I'm convinced that Maury is paying folks to pretend on these paternity and lie detector episodes. Every episode is just way too fake. I refuse to believe it's real, because to do so would eliminate any faith I had in mankind. I need Maury & Jerry to go ahead & hang it up.

* The Real World - how sad is it when the show that started reality tv needs to go away? But it does. I just saw a commercial for the new season (they doing Vegas again - really MTV? Yall couldn't find anywhere else to do it?) while I was watching Jersey Shore #dontjudgeme and all I do was sigh. Remember when The Real World was interesting, and the people in the house did more than just drink, hook up and fight? Seems like light years ago. The Real World used to show topics that were relevant - homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, abuse, addiction, etc. Remember when the housemates had real jobs, & relationships, & were actually interesting? Now the show has just become a vehicle for people to see fights & random hookups between the housemates & whoever they bring home.

* America's Next Top Model - *sigh* Tyra, I really do respect your hustle. But damn, can we finally let go of ANTM? How many cycles have there been, 50? Do we really need any more "top models"? Does anyone even still watch? I quit after the season where the plus size girl finally won, that's Whitney right? This show used to be entertaining, but there's only so many times where you can do the same thing over & over before you drive your viewers crazy. This show was cute & clever in 2003...now its just boring & dated. Time for a new hustle Tyra. I'm tired of you & the smizing.

* Vh1 & all of their "reality" shows - Yes, the entire channel needs to go away. Vh1 has somehow morphed into staged & skewed reality tv-central, and I detest pretty much every show they have on the air. #Icant with the dating shows, whether its Chad OchoCinco Johnson pretending to look for love or Chili throwing herself at a different man every week. #Ireallycant with the Ex-wives, baby mamas & groupies Basketball Wives or the Football Wives either. It hasn't aired yet, but I can already tell that the Love & Hip Hop show is gonna be a train wreck. And now they wanna give Carmelo & LaLa another show? Yeah......#no. Vh1 just needs to go off the air completely. I'm tired of their foolishness.

What do you think of my choices? What shows do you think need to go away?

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