Five Random Things On My Mind

So I had the hardest time coming up with a Friday Fives post this week.  I had some ideas earlier in the week & I should have written then, cause by Thursday night I was just so "blah" about blogging.  I didn't want to skip a Friday Five though, so here we go...

Five Random Things On My Mind

* Getting my financial life together - I've talked before about how I needed to corral my spending & get more serious about my finances.  And I'm finally doing it.  And its killing me!  I want some new boots so bad, but I'm being a good girl.  I realized I haven't bought a new handbag in months; great for my wallet, bad for my collection.  But no worries, I'm staying the fiscally conservative course, for now.  The only things I will be buying this fall are a plane ticket home, a new television for the living room, and maybe new clothes for work as I need them.  I plan to downsize to a smaller apartment, sell as much of the extra stuff in my house, and I'm saving as much as I can.

* I want to go back to Vegas - no, I don't need another vacation.  I want to see a special person.  *sigh* Long distance is hard.  I'm big on affection, sharing space, etc and the distance is preventing all of that right now.  But the distance is also helping to keep things going at a slower pace, which is something I need right now.  The biggest thing I've learned is that liking someone or caring about them isn't enough.  This isn't high school where you liked a guy & that's all you needed to go with him (ha, remember that?).  Grown-up relationships take more work & they can be much more complicated.  I haven't really tried to be in a relationship in a long time, so its like I'm learning all over again.

* Still thinking about school - I went to an info session a couple weeks ago for the Master's in HR program at the University of Minnesota.  Seems like I'd be able to get in, the question is can I get funding from the dept?  I don't want to add to my student loan debt, so I'm only going back to school if I can get someone to pay for it.   So I'll be studying for the GRE & working on my application.

* Its Fall! - yall have no idea how excited I am to see my first fall in about 4 years.  The seasons don't really change in Central Florida, which I missed.  Here in Minnesota the weather has changed (cold at night, perfect during the day), the leaves are turning, and I'm loving it.  I even had my first (and only) caramel apple of the season last week, which always signals fall to me.

* I wanna have a Halloween party - or at least go to one.  Last year I didn't even dress up, but this year I will.  I have no idea what my costume should be though, any suggestions?

Alright readers,, what random stuff is going on with you?  Thoughts on my random life?