Five Random Things From My Life Right Now

I actually have a lot more than five random things going on right  now, but all yall get is five, k? 1. I signed up for bartender school - In my last post I talked about how I am unhappy as a chemist & my desire to walk away from my job & the corporate lifestyle overall.  Before I can do that, I gotta get my #hustle on, and being a bartender is one of my strategies.  I've always wanted to go to bartender school, and I talked about it a few months ago on Twitter, so I finally took the plunge.  I have a couple friends who went to this school & had success getting bartender positions, so I think this will work for me.  I start training this weekend & I'm looking forward to it.  So far I've discovered that I know how to make more drinks than I thought - does that make me a lush?

2. I'm feeling like I made the wrong choice  about the attorney.  That's all I'm going to say about that right now.

3. Football season is almost upon us & I'm so excited! I'm happy to just be back in a city with a football team.  Yall know I'm a Colts fan, so I will be cheering them on all season, along with my alma maters, the Gophers & the Yellow Jackets.

4. Ladies, have you heard of  Its like Gilt or Rue La La but for beauty products.  They sent me a coupon code so I took a look around the site & wound up ordering a "mystery pack" of items.  So what was in my "mystery pack"?

I got:

  • 1 Moulton Brown Not Just Lips 3 in 1 travel stick in Amazon (a pretty copper color)
  • 1 Iman Perfect Eye Pencil in Nutbush (a medium brown)
  • 1 Prescriptives Incredible Lipcolor in Garnet (an amazingly bright red lipstick)
  • plus 2 foundations - Nars Balanced Foundation in Hawaii (could be a summertime foundation for me) as well as Sue Devitt Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation in Kimberley Plateau (my PERFECT shade & its made for dry skin -yay!).

I got all this stuff for only $15 including shipping! Love it!

5. I have a new hobby - I'm a knitter!  I took a knitting class this spring through Community Ed, and I've been knitting all summer.  I picked it up very easily & I really enjoy it, it's very relaxing.  So far I've made some dishclothes and 1 scarf, and I'm currently working on a 2nd scarf.  This fall I'm planning to take a mitten class and a hat class.  No old lady jokes ok?  Knitting is very "in" right now.