Five Movies I Watch Whenever They're On TV

I'm a big movie fan, and there are some movies I can watch over & over & over again.  No matter how many times I've seen them I always sit down & watch the following movies...doesn't matter if they are on cable, network tv or HBO.

So...Five Movies I Always Watch Whenever They're On:

Forrest Gump

I know most of this movie''s dialogue by heart, but I watch it every single time anyway.  You cant help but love Forrest, & how he goes through life having all these amazing experiences, yet he's totally oblivious to it all.  And his undying love for Jenny, even though she's all messed up, is so sweet.

The Color Purple

This is one of those classics that gets watched every time.  The subject matter isn't the greatest - an abused Black woman in rural Georgia - but its such an entertaining film.  Not to mention its given us some great one-liners & other quotes.  My favorite part is when Celie curses out Mister at the dinner table & then hops in the car with Shug & her husband...she finally overcomes the abuse & pain that Mister had inflicted on her for so many years and reaches for her happiness.

Coming To America

How could you NOT watch this movie every time its on?  Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall are ridiculously funny & provide so many classic lines.  Plus James Earl Jones, Samuel L Jackson, and African dancers?  Yeah...I love this movie!  I know every line in this movie too, sad I know, but hey, its a classic film.

Steel Magnolias

This is one of the movies that I've watched ever since I was young, and I still love it.  The best part is the beginning, where Shelby is getting married.  Between the beauty parlor scene & the wedding/reception, there are lots of laughs.  The end is so sad, but its a sweet movie.

House Party

This movie is a classic, can you believe its over 20 years old?  The clothes...the hairstyles...the dances...Its the best and the worst of the late 80's/early 90's.  Plus all the talent: Robin Harris, Tisha Campbell, AJ Johnson, Martin Lawrence, John Witherspoon & more.   I know most of this movie by heart too, and the same scenes still make me laugh over & over again.  I know I can't be the only one that loves this movie.

So what movies do you watch whenever their on?  Let me know!