Five Celebs I Wish Would Disappear

We all have it - a list of folks that we just are tired of seeing.  I know I do, especially when it comes to celebrities.

Five Celebs I Wish Would Disappear

Kim Kardashian

Why is she even famous?  Does she have some type of talent that I don't know about?  This chick made a lackluster sextape with Brandy's brother Ray-J of all people...and somehow parlayed that into endorsements, a reality show & a relationship with one of the most eligible bachelors.  But she's just wack! Did you see her all on the field after Reggie Bush won the Super Bowl?  She was irking me so I know she was irking him.  Everything she does is for publicity, and I'm just so over it.  Kimmy, you're taking a trip to "sit your ass down" island.

50 Cent

This fool has been on Twitter acting a damn fool.  Sadly I sometimes see the foolishness he tweets cause I got some dumbasses on my timeline who RT his crap #stopit.  Beyond the Twitter, this dude is just an idiot, which he demonstrates by getting into pseudo-beefs with almost every rapper in the industry.  Is anybody even checking for 50 anymore?  I'm not, so I'm banishing him to the "sit your ass down" island with Kim K.


Now before the Beyonce stans stone me, let me explain.  I'm actually a Beyonce fan, I have almost all her stuff in my music collection.  I enjoy her music.  So why is she on the list?  Cause she never goes away!  Everytime we turn around she's at an award show or doing a movie or in the gossip blogs just cause she walked down the street...Sometimes I just wanna ask her "Ain't you tired yet?  Don't you wanna go sit on an island somewhere for a while so we can miss you?"  I'd love to get to the point where someone says "Hey, what happened to Beyonce? She should do another album".  I know that will never ever ever happen...but I can dream, can't I?

Gucci Mane

I'd like to apologize for the pic - its the best I could find of him.  Ugh.  Anyway, I remember when I first moved to Atlanta for grad school...back then I didn't have satellite radio (sad I know) & I was forced to listen to local radio...and they kept playing "So Icy" like every 5 minutes!  I have always hated that song & I still do, its horrible.  Anyway, the only thing worse than Gucci's music is the way he looks...all those tats, the ridiculous jewelry, #hellnaw.  I hate all you people that keep bootlegging & illegally downloading buying his stuff.  Stop it!  Oh and his "protege" Waka Flocka Flame gets an honorable mention as well & a coach seat to "sit your ass down" Island as well.

Paris Hilton

Just like Kim K, she's famous for doing absolutely nothing besides fucking on camera.  Ugh.  I swear I woke up one day & she & Nicole Ritchie just came outta nowhere & ended up on the cover of every magazine.  While Nicole has gotten it together, Paris has not, as evidenced by her coke bust in Vegas recently (incidentally, that was the same weekend I was in Vegas; I, however,  was not doing coke that weekend).  She continues to be on red carpets & spending her family's money like its water, and contributing absolutely nothing to society.  She gets the first seat on the "sit your ass down" island plane, right next to Kim K.  Perhaps they can trade tips on how to give a half-assed performance in a sex tape.

So if you could, who would you tell to "sit down"?  Am I way off base with my choices?  Let me know!