Finally Leaving #TeamBlackberry - What Phone Should I Get?

It's been a very long time coming...but I'm finally emancipating myself from my oppressor, RIM. My Blackberry Bold was once good to me...but now it's akin to walking around with a Razr...or even worse, a Zach Morris phone.

So now comes the hard part - picking a new phone. I don't have a lot of requirements, beyond the following:

  • It has to fit in my cute little clutches
  • It can't be a Blackberry
  • Relatively easy to use - I need to do email, text, take pics, social networking, & use GPS
  • On the Sprint Network

Clearly I haven't gotten a new phone in a while cause there are way too many damn options on the Sprint website.

Just looking through the site, here are the ones I like so far:

iPhone 4s - obvious choice & what I originally thought I was going to get. Pros - small so it will fit in my clutches; tons of apps; easy to use; and finally on Sprint. Cons: I'm not calibrated to the touchscreen yet so I make a lot of typos :-(

iPhone 4 - essentially the same argument as for the 4s, just $100 cheaper.

HTC EVO Shift 4G - the smaller version of the EVO, with a slide-out keyboard for those of us who like/need buttons. IDK how I feel about the slide-out keyboard, I feel like I'm back in 2005 using a Sidekick. Pros: small; got a keyboard; runs Android. Cons: battery life could be a problem later; bad reviews online.


Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch - damn is the name for the phone so damn long??? Anyway, this phone is super cute & apparently very thin, which is a plus. Pros: thin & lightweight; good battery life; runs Android; large screen. Cons: GPS is buggy according to reviews: touch-screen only (no keyboard).


Nexus S 4G from Google - to me this phone doesn't look much different from the Samsung phone in terms of appearance. Pros: runs Android; integration w/Google Voice (which I love & use A LOT); wi-fi. Cons: glitchy; freezes often; poor battery life.

Right now, just based on what I've seen before, I'm stuck between the iPhone 4/4s & the Samsung.

Any other phones I should look at? And most importantly, what should I get???