Fascination With The Word "Hoe"

Keeping the #31writenow party going... I don't understand some of the antics of Negro Twitter. Not #BlackTwitter, which is a phenomenon for some reason (really White people, you gotta stop being amazed when Black folks do stuff, ok?). Negro Twitter, which is Black Twitter's cousin Pookie. Y'all know what I'm talking about, don't even front. Negro Twitter loves to repeatedly discuss things like $200 dates and ass eating. But their absolute favorite thing to do is call someone a hoe.


Let some folks tell it, you're a hoe if you do any of the following: have sex; have sex with men; have sex with more than one man in your life; wear makeup; have a weave; like to go out; flirt on Twitter; watch a popular show on Twitter; breathe oxygen; consume water. Seriously, any and everything will get a woman called a hoe. Not men - just women. ONLY women. WTF is that???

Say something a guy disagrees with? You a hoe. Stfu & stay in your place.

Say something a guy doesn't like? You a hoe. Stfu & stay in your place.

Guy wants to make a joke? Call a woman a hoe. Hahahaha so funny! #sarcasm


I don't understand this fascination with the word hoe. Where does it come from? Why such desire to label every woman with the word? Why such gratuitous use of the word? I see it constantly on Twitter - in bios, in tweets, spelled as "heaux" so people can pretend they are funny or smart or whatever; thrown at random celebs that I guarantee don't even know that the person who tweeted it is alive...it just never ends! I don't expect it to from the men - let's be honest, even the most enlightened of men still have some fucked up ass attitudes about women & sexuality. But what really grinds my gears is seeing women through the word around so casually. Come ladies, let go of the Stockholm Syndrome. You don't have to cosign all the bullshit from the men. Free yourself! Calling other women hoes does what exactly? Make you look better & less like a hoe yourself? :-/

Can we please do better and leave that word behind? Or am I asking too much?