Eric Roberson at Dakota Jazz Club - The Encore

In October, I began my Epic Week of Concerts with my very first Eric Roberson show at the Dakota Jazz Club here in Minneapolis. I have loved Eric Roberson for a long time & I had been dying to see him live. It was well worth the wait because his show was AMAZING! Entertaining from beginning to end & he was even nice enough to take pics & sign CD's for everyone. Overall, a great show and a great night. So when I learned that he was coming back for another show, I was super excited. And so was my friend B - who not only hounded me about getting tickets, she tried to pimp me out via Twitter for better seats!

It was another late night show, doors opened at 10 and the opening band took the stage a little after 1030pm. Unfortunately, our seats weren't as good as they were for the first show; we were 3 tables back from the stage & on the other side. But we still had a good view of the show.

Eric took the stage around 11PM & put on yet another great show. The set was pretty much identical to October's show, even down to the jokes (booo) but it was still enjoyable. And I still love Eric's voice more live than I do on CD. The end of the show was a bit different though, which was nice.

One change was that instead of singing Lalah's part on "Dealing" himself, Eric asked a young lady to come on stage. She didn't know the words, but she has a great voice & she did a great job.

And of course, at the end of the night, Eric signed CD's & took pics with everyone. I absolutely love that part, not many artists are that gracious with ALL of their fans. But he is. I didn't get a pic this time, but I did have him sign a CD since I didn't get one last time. B had to get another pic, OF COURSE, she's turned into quite the ERRO stan.

Overall, even though the set was mostly the same from October, I really enjoyed the show. I adore Eric's voice & it's even better live. I was entertained, the music was great, and B was hilarious.

Next up? Might be Mint Condition in January, followed by Childish Gambino (again) in March.