Don't Ask Me To Watch A Movie With You...

when your girlfriend is out of town for two weeks. *sigh*

Yes this really happened to me.

Some backstory - so I met this guy, MD, on the Internets in like late '08/early '09. Conversed back & forth, pretty good convo. When I visited Mpls in October '09, he & I hung out. It was mostly a good time, except for one thing - he was super whiny about being unemployed. Yall know me, I can handle a lot of things, but whiny is not one of them. So anyway, once he found out that I was moving back to Mpls, this is what I heard all the time:

"Hey, when you move back to Minnesota, can we date?"

"Can I date you? Can I date you? Can I date you?"

"When are coming back? Cause I wanna date you."

It just wouldn't stop! I finally relented. And then you know what happened - I got here & he disappeared. Oh well, didn't really bother me. After a couple weeks of being here, I started dating the attorney & I wasn't thinking about anyone else.

I went months without hearing from MD...and then I ran into him Halloween night. I was with my friend JT who had come to visit for the weekend. We were chillin on the top floor of the W, having drinks, when MD & a chick got off the elevator. We all chatted for a bit & I thought it was weird that he didn't introduce the girl he was with, even though I introduced JT. Well, I learned why the next day - the girl was his girlfriend. BTW. FB will tell you everything you want to know. All I know is, if I was with my man & he didn't introduce me to some folks, we'd have some problems, but I digress...

A few weeks after Halloween I got a "If I could, I'd take you out" msg on FB...which got deleted. But this weekend's "Let's watch a movie" txt just took the cake. C'mon man! We've all been in college, we all know what "let's watch a movie" means. Its not-so-secret code for "let's hump". I'll pass, especially since you got a girl, and especially since you only hit me up cause she's out of town. Who the hell do you think I am, and what the fuck is wrong with you?

See this right here...this is why I quit yall a couple years ago.