Didn't I Tell Yall This "Love and Hip Hop" Show Was Gonna Be A Mess?

About a month ago, I wrote a piece about how Vh1 needs to get out of the "reality show" game & just hang it up. I wrote because Vh1 had just released info about their latest show, Love & Hip Hop, which is basically just Basketball Wives but with rappers instead of athletes. I said in the post, "This show is gonna be an absolute mess".

I love loveĀ  love when I'm right.

The trailer for the show has been released, and everything I theorized about this show is in this trailer. We got drama, catfights, one chick trying to prove that she & her boo really are a couple despite what he says & does in the streets, and one chick still whining about the end of her marriage. We'll definitely see some fights & gossiping amongst the ladies.

Vh1, it's really sad how predictable & scripted your shows have become. TRY AGAIN.

Anyway, if you missed the trailer, here it is:

Love & Hip Hop Trailer

Will you being watching this show? Thoughts?