Compatibility Versus Attraction When It Comes To Dating and Relationships

I'm an inquisitive person by nature, so I'm often asking questions, especially on Twitter. A few weeks ago I asked this:

First, I'd love it if you readers would answer that question in the comments section, thanks. I'm really curious about this.

I don't even remember how I got on this topic, but I had a lot of random thoughts in my head. How important is compatibility in a relationship/marriage? Is it better to be with someone who makes you hot or someone you get along with? If you really want to go the distance, should you go for someone who is kind of "middle of the road" in both categories, or pick one over the other?

Given the interconnectedness of our world now, I think it's a lot easier to find someone who you are compatible with. Sites like eHarmony are built on the idea of connecting people based on their compatibility & a shared foundation/set of values, and THEN adding the physical attraction part in later. With Facebook, Twitter, message boards, etc, it's so much easier to meet like-minded individuals, and to make a connection with someone without the physical part being the main focus.

We're still humans, and physical attraction is still a vital part of human interaction. But with the new ways that we interact, I wonder how much of a backseat the physical part takes, when the heart is invested in someone who is truly meant for you in every other sense.

Thoughts? Oh and be sure to answer the questions I asked above, including the one from Twitter. Thanks!