Comfort Foods

This is Day 5 in my 30 days of blogging challenge. I loves to eat. I mean LOVES. My vices are good food and good drinks and I indulge them both. I've always enjoyed food, but it wasn't until I lived in Orlando that I understood GOOD food. I joined Restaurant Mafia, a local dinner group, and fell in love with some amazing food. Korean in Altamonte Springs, Ethiopian on I-Drive, Thai on Colonial - yum! My love affair with food has only gotten worse since I've moved back to the Twin Cities. The food scene is so great here - almost every type of cuisine is represented here, and there are many award-winning chefs. Along with my love of good food, I also love to socialize, so I'm out at a restaurant or bar quite often. In the winter, I'm out less often, and more apt to make comfort foods that I love at home, all snuggled up & warm.

My taste buds are pretty simple - I love salt, fat, and sweets. So my comfort foods tend to involve those types of foods. My comfort foods also fluctuate with my hormone level - there's always one week of the month where all I want are some salty Lay's classic chips and chocolate. I enjoy them at other times, but I have an insane craving when my hormone levels are the highest.

So what comfort foods do I love? So many! I apologize in advance for this gluttony I'm going to display, LOL.

Pot roast hash at Modern Cafe

Farmer's Breakfast at The Lowry

Anything from Brasa, but especially the fried catfish, the pulled chicken, the cheese grits, and the fried plantains.

A Coney Island...or two. With some fries.

Steak with onions, rice and beans and fried plantains from Pio Pio

Sushi from Masu Sushi

Yellow curry with shrimp and chicken at SEA Thai

Any drink (without gin) on the menu at Prohibition

Waffle House

Homemade chili that's been simmered all day in a crock pot

My aunt's sweet potato pie or peach cobbler

And now I'm hungry...