Christmas recap

Its been a few days, I figured I should blog... Its been an interesting couple of days, lots of developments.

Let's start at the beginning...Sunday my soror T called me and asked me to go to a spoken word/neo-soul club that night...Normally I can't go cause I have work early the next morning, but this time I said yes. I met her there and also ran into a couple of other people, including one of her friends that I had met the week before at her birthday party, RD. Well, in an interesting twist of events, RD wound up getting my phone number that night. By the time I got home and got into bed, he had called me and texted me, and we wound up talking for an hour. The next morning he called me and we made plans to go see "Sweeney Todd" that afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to have such a good time, and we wound up having dinner as well. I actually didn't want to end the night but I had to pick up my mom and sister from the airport.

He's cute, and a sweetheart, and the nicest thing is, he doesn't have a problem expressing his interest in me. How freaking refreshing is that...I don't have to spend time trying to figure him out or wonder if he likes me or not, cause he just tells me. Sweet. So we're going out again and I can't wait.

In other news, my mom and sister are here, and that's been a lot of fun already. So far my sister has not been a jerk, which is a plus. We haven't done much, just dinner and seen "The Great Debaters" but we've got other stuff planned.

I'm off work until the 3rd, and I couldn't be happier...I'm really enjoying this time off.