Catch-up day....

So what's been happening with me? A lot. Let's see if I remember everything. * 2 weeks ago I had a date with this kid A. Had dinner and drinks at Blue Martini. Was just ok, no sparks, no real chemistry.

* Went home this past weekend for my brother's wedding. That's right, my brother (the one right after me) got married. To a young lady that no one in my family really knew. So it was a surprise to get a call about him having a wedding. But I hopped a flight and gathered with the rest of my family for the ceremony. So I got to see everyone: mom, dad (who surprisingly did not act a monkey), granny, and siblings. Then my mom and I hit the casino, but I didn't win any money, but I didn't lose any either.

* Had another date last night, which was much better than my date two weeks ago. Fun times at PF Changs, even though the dish I chose wasn't very good. We'll probably hang out again.

Oh, and last Thursday I kicked it at the first night of the Alpha Convention....there weren't that many cuties there, I was really surprised. I need the Alphas to step their game up.