Broken Promises

Its become clear to me that I need to really get on the grind and find a new job. Why? The short answer is that I sense I'm about to be screwed.

Some promises that were made to me have already been broken, or at least postponed to a point where my timetable and their timetable doesn't line up....and since I'm not tied here, its probably a good idea to move on if I can.

Nothing drastic has happened to the point where I'm ready to walk out right now...but I want to leave on good terms and not get to that point, and I can see it ending that way if I stay too long.

So I'm grinding from here on out. Gotta make something happen. I'm not in a comfy spot anymore so I gotta do what I gotta do.

Any leads or info would be most appreciated. FYI: I'm a polymer chemist who specializes in polymer characterization and failure analysis. I am skilled in various analytical techniques including spectroscopy, surface analysis and thermal analysis. I have some limited project management experience, and I've served as assistant lab manager for the past 2 years. I also have a current Secret security clearance. I'm looking to stay within polymer chemistry, but I'm open to synthesis positions as well. I'm looking for work in the following areas (including suburbs): Philadelphia, MD/DC/NoVA, NC (either RTP or Charlotte), Chicago, Minneapolis and Atlanta. Anything outside of that I could consider if the $$$ is right.

Thanks yall & keep me in your thoughts...