Big Changes Are Coming!

I started this iteration of the blog way back in 2007. Last year I transitioned from Blogger to And now I'm ready to make another change to the blog. In January 2011 I'm moving Searching For Satisfaction to its own domain & hosting my site via a shared server. The time has come for me to take this blog off a hosted blogging platform like Blogger or, and really start making it what I want it to be.

I want to see this space transition to a destination for intelligent thought-provoking discussion. We gon be grown & talk about grown folks stuff, but still keep it classy. And I'll continue to discuss what's going on in my world, as well as give my thoughts on whatever random topics or events catch my eye. I want it to be a community where folks can interact & share their views & learn something new from like-minded folks.

I hope that everyone who has been reading so far continues along with me as I & Searching For Satisfaction transitions to the next phase. Thanks for reading!