Back in Orlando......

And I couldn't be happier. Being out of the office was great, but Madison is not exactly a hot spot. And I was missing my bed and my apartment. I got back on Saturday afternoon, and now I'm back in the office. Work is still very fabulous. We know have an intern, and I'm her supervisor! Kinda scary huh? So far she seems cool, she's only a freshman (just like I was during my first internship) and she seems very eager to learn and get some experience. Being her supervisor is a little scary, but so far I think I'm doing ok.

My boss is also giving my face time with more higher-ups; tomorrow I have to lead the director of my dept. through an audit. So I've got to get my things together for that.

Nothing new on the romantic front...just chillin and that's ok.

I feel like there's more stuff I need to say, but I'll come back and do that later.