An Interesting Convo...

On AIM last night... RandomGuy: so you not speaking to me anymore? ME: huh? ME: where did that come from? RandomGuy: i mean you ain't said 2 words to me since i changed my status :-( ME: when did you change your status? ME: you talking about FB? RandomGuy: like tuesday, mhmmm ME: i'm assuming you changed the relationship status? ME: i don't keep tabs on you like that, i hadn't even noticed RandomGuy: lol ok ME: i've been busy, but if you want me to be pressed about your lovelife, i can be RandomGuy: i ain't say all that, i'm just saying, i ain't talked to you in a grip, last time we talked you was giving me the sad face and stuff ME: i know....but in all seriousness, i don't really want you like that...its been all talk. We've known each other too long, if i had really wanted you i would have made a serious bid ME: but anyway, i'm happy for you, i know you really like that girl... RandomGuy: why thank you, but what's been going on with you? what you been busy with? ME: work, was doing campus recruting...last week we had interviews at FAMU ME: and a new guy been's taking my attention too RandomGuy: ahhhhh so who is the new guy? ME: you probably don't know him RandomGuy: i mean well tell me about him, where he live at? ME: he lives in orlando, we both work for LM, he's an engineer RandomGuy: ewwwwww, same workplace lol ME: our site has 4000 people, we never see each other unless we specifically go to see the other... ME: so you thought i wasn't speaking to you cause you had a girlfriend? how cute and presumptious at the same time RandomGuy: no, i was just messing with you, cause i hadn't heard from you in longer than that :-P ME: you know how to find me ME: communication goes both ways RandomGuy: i know i know ME: :-) RandomGuy: love you too ME: good

BOO at folks thinking that I would stop talking to them cause they got a girlfriend. Does stuff like that actually happen IRL? I mean, do folks see stuff on FB and myspace and then allow it to impact their behavior? Its just the Internet folks. Like my good soror said way back in 04, "Let that Facebook go." It only breeds trouble, especially if you let it consume you.

Its funny now that I re-read the convo...Ha at me iggin someone cause they got a girlfriend.

Oh yeah, and I like a guy.