All The Stuff I Did Last Weekend

I was a busy bee this past weekend...which is a great thing.  I remember when I lived in Orlando, and I'd just sit in the house all weekend, and my only excitement was shopping (which is how I ended up with such a bad handbag habit, but I digress).  Now that I'm back in the Twin Cities, it seems like every weekend I got something going on. So what did I do?

Friday when I left work I didn't do much.  Started reading Hill Harper's "The Conversation" and so far, I'm really enjoying the book.  I expected it to be preachy & very "This is what y'all uppity Negroes are doing wrong" but instead I found a book that was very relate-able.  When I finish it, I'll post my thoughts.  I also had a semi-heart-to-heart convo with someone, a conversation that needed to be had, but it was helpful & therapeutic in some ways.

Saturday morning I was awakened by both an early morning phone call from a pseudo-friend & by the badass kids in the apt below me (ooh I hate those kids! I need to move).  I had to get up anyway because I planned to attend a GRE math prep course at the U.  I've been thinking about going back to school, and I haven't done algebra & geometry since I took the GRE in 2003, so I figured a math prep session wouldn't hurt.  Well I got there & discovered that it was geared toward people who have ZERO math skills...and I'm not one of those people.  So I left during the break, but I did get some very helpful information from a person who just graduated from the program I'm planning to apply to.  I ran some errands when I left the prep class, and then headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings for a quick bite & to see some football.  After I ate, I went home where I did some knitting before I had to get ready to attend the Minnesota Wild game with DN.

So my coworker won some MN Wild tixs in a raffle, but he couldn't go, so he gave the tixs to me for like, nothing.  DN & I headed over to St Paul Wild play the Flyers in a pre-season game.  I hadn't been to the Xcel Energy Center since I saw Prince there in 2001, and I had forgotten how nice of a facility it is.  DN & I had a great time at the game - we ate good, we had great seats & we saw 2 great fights during the game.  The Wild lost but I discovered they have a Black (or at least half-Black) player on the team - who knew?

Sunday I was once again waken early by the badass kids downstairs (once again, I need to move) and also by my next-door neighbor having a very lively sexual escapade.  I had plans for brunch with my college mentor at Cheesecake Factory & I was really looking forward to it.  My mentor, LD, is a big part of me getting out of school, getting it done in 4 yrs & just becoming the woman I am today.  She was always there for me; when I needed a job she offered me one in her office (she ran the minority engineering office & I worked there all 4 years of college), she got me scholarship money when I had no way to pay the rest of my bill, she fed my friends & I when we were hungry, gave us advice when we needed & just let us vent when we needed to talk.  I hadn't seen her since I graduated, so this reunion was long overdue.  It was great to catch up with her & share what we had been up to over the past six years.  I also got to pick her brain about transitioning to a non-technical career - she successfully did it and is currently a senior diversity leader for a large company.  She was very supportive of what I'm looking to do in recruiting & is setting me up to talk to some people she knows in the industry #awesome.  The only thing that wasn't fab was the food - I ordered steak & eggs & the steak was just blah, while LD found a shrimp tail in the middle of one of her pancakes #fail.

After brunch I went home to watch some football...and I got so comfy on the couch that I wanted to just stay there all evening.  But I agreed to attend a dinner with some executives from my company, and I really needed the networking opportunity.  So I got dressed & headed downtown to Fogo de Chao, the Brazilian steakhouse.  Well, I'm glad that I got myself off the couch because it turned out to be a great evening.  I was able to network and make connections with a couple of high-level executives who offered to do 1-on-1 sessions with me #awesome.  And even better, our company paid for the entire dinner, which if you've ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse, you know it's not cheap.  I didn't pig out but I did get my fill of the delicious meats that they had to offer.

I went home a full happy lady.  I had just enough time to watch The Amazing Race & the antics on The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show & Family Guy before I fell asleep.  A great end to a great & busy weekend.

So how was yours?  What did you get into?  Anything exciting happen?