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According to this research, the Man really is holding me down

Saw this article today: Confident women seen as lacking social skills. I won't post the whole article, but here are a few "gems":

A new study in Psychology of Women Quarterly finds that women who present themselves as confident and ambitious in job interviews are viewed as highly competent but also lacking social skills. Women who present themselves as modest and cooperative, while well liked, are perceived as low on competence. By contrast, confident and ambitious male candidates are viewed as both competent and likable and therefore are more likely to be hired as a manager than either confident or modest women. ....

According to this research, women who seek managerial roles face a double bind. In order to be viewed as sufficiently qualified for leadership, they must present themselves as confident and ambitious. But if they do so, they risk prejudice for acting "unfeminine," which can result in hiring discrimination. Thus, in performance settings where confidence and ambition are required to get ahead, men have a clear advantage.

Now this study may not be ground-breaking, anecdotally this type of thing has been talked about for years. But this is proving that this isn't just an anecdotal, once or twice occuring phenomenon, this is something that women face quite regularly.

Its no secret that I wish to be in upper management, and become a senior executive one day. I actually was in a lunch meeting today, and I realized about halfway through that I was the only woman in the room (and I was also the only minority, yay!). I observed the interactions between all the men in the room, who were also considerably older than me, and I starting thinking to myself that I literally work in an old boy's club.

My next thoughts were how to infiltrate the club.

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