A vicious cycle....

The cycle I'm referring to is this country's election cycle. Every set number of years, we vote for various elected officials, from President to school board members. Every time an election comes up, we're bombarded through various forms of media about how So-and-So is the right candidate for the job and how that individual is better than WhatsTheirName. And once that election is over, we can go back to our boring lives until the media tells us that its time once again to care about whatever the next election is. This post has been inspired by the current Presidential election cycle. Honestly, its been pissing me off, and I get more pissed off everyday. To truly understand why I'm so annoyed and angry, I'm going to have to outline a lot, so I hope you stay with me and read this entire post.

Let's start with the method of election for President. It both infuriates me and bewilders me how it is necessary to start campaigning a whole two years before the election. I shouldn't be accosted everyday with new poll numbers from New Hampshire or Iowa, or updated on how much each candidate has raised in a month.

And that leads me to another point, the idea of the primary. Individual states having primaries are stupid. They make no sense. Some person decided that the folks in Iowa and New Hampshire were the coolest, and therefore they should get to decide who ends up on the Presidential ballot. Hogwash. Its an antiquated system that simply doesn't work anymore, as evidenced by every state passing legislation to move up the date of the primary elections. Clearly, each state wants its citizens' voices to be heard, and they feel the current system doesn't allow for that to happen. I support a national primary election day, just like we have a national election day in November. That way, everyone in every state has a fair shake in having their voice heard and deciding who goes on the November ballot. I simply reject the notion that farmers in Iowa would pick the same candidate as textile workers in North Carolina, or production workers in Michigan. It just doesn't compute, and assuming that Iowa and New Hampshire and the other early states speak for all of America is short sighted and incorrect.

The problem is that the educational system in this country has been watered down to a state of memorization and regurigation for generations, and we can't even get that right anymore, as evidenced by NCLB. Nobody learns how to critically think and evaluate anymore. We've become a society of followers, all looking for Big Brother to give us the answer so we can continue on our boring lives that we think is so exciting and unique and special. And the election cycle is just an extension of that. The media knows this, so they pimp us for their financial gain. They show us meaningless debates and play 10 second soundbites over and over and display useless and statistically incorrect data to get us to buy into their idea: that a particular candidate is better than another candidate. And we all feed into it.

But the ones who feed into it the most are the ones who are ruled by their personal convictions. These are the folks who think they way THEY live is the way that EVERYONE should live. They are the people who vote for a candidate cause they came to their church as a campaign stop, or said the magic phrase that alerted them that they believed in "their" God, or whatever. They find that one meaningless topic, and that's what they are gonna base their vote on. These voters could be completely 100% against everything else in that candidate's platform, but because they said the magic word, they get that vote.

Overall, we in this country are doomed to repeat this ill-fated election cycle again and again, because we pander to the idiots of this country instead of courting the intellectuals. Basically, the dummies make the rules around here, but somehow the smart folks haven't figured out how to beat them at their own game. Its like they're too smart for their own good. I'm tired of the backward, close-minded, uninformed folks controlling my destiny. Now's the time to do something about it.