A Stereotypical Cancer

This is Day 6 in my 30 days of blogging challenge. My Cancer symbol wrist tattoo.

I'm a believer in astrology. According to Twitter, that means that I'm fatherless, stupid, and a failure at life. Who knew? But I'm a believer all the same. I don't read my horoscope everyday, or make decisions solely based on astrology, but I do believe that it gives some interesting insight into people and their personality.

I have the Cancer symbol tattooed on my left wrist because I am a stereotypical Cancer. Understanding the traits of a Cancer helped me understand and work with my personality, and view them as positives instead of weaknesses.

A Cancer's most likeable trait is loyalty. Their symbol is the crab, and just like a crab, they have a thick shell that is hard to penetrate. This shell is protection because they are extremely sensitive and emotional, in fact, they are the most emotional of the zodiac. As a result, people often come to them for emotional support and Cancers are very empathetic and sympathetic. Cancers need constant love and support; they desire love & approval but resent that outside approval is so important to them. Cancers are also strong nurturers who enjoy taking care of friends and family. Cancers may also be like a crab in that they may seem to be mean or unapproachable, but it's really a way to protect their heart and feelings. For those who have made it past their hard exterior, they will go to the ends of the earth, doing favors and helping others. Cancers are possessive and collect loved ones, but because loyalty is so important to them, they do not forget or forgive a betrayal. Cancers are very observant and often have a photographic memory. They are often artistic, creative and extremely intellectual. Cancers equate money with security and often are savers; combined with their business acumen they are often called the "money sign". Others view Cancers as calm, strong and self-assured, but inside their shell they often feel insecure and inadequate.

Some additional Cancer facts:

  • Cancer is a Water sign, along with Pisces and Scorpio
  • It's symbol is a crab
  • It's pictograph represents the claws of the crab. It is also a representation of human breasts, which is the part of the body that Cancer rules.
  • Their dominant keywords are "I feel".
  • The breasts and stomach are ruled by Cancer - often Cancers love good food.
  • Cancer's lucky day is Monday
  • Cancer's lucky numbers are 3 and 7
  • A Cancer's magic birthstone is the pearl, which changes bad fortune into good and discord into harmony; may also bring favor from influential people.

Cancer is my sun sign, but astrology is about more than just your sun sign, which is dominant. There's also moon signs. My moon sign is

Then there's your decanates. A decanates is 10 days, so each sign is split into 3 decanates. I was born in the second decanate of July. People born in this decanate often have a strong personality. They are the most mystical and drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical. They are very sensitive and others are drawn to it, sharing their secrets with you. They have strong intellectual talents and their strong feelings predominate when making a decision. In relationships they are sentimental, possessive and emotional; at work they are curious & intuitive.

There's also analysis for those born on the cusp of a sign, but since I wasn't, I'll skip that.

There's also your moon sign, which is an indicator of your emotions and instincts. While your sun sign indicates your dominant will and personality, your moon sign gives insight into that unconscious and instinctive part of your personality. My moon sign is Capricorn - it enhances my sun sign by making me more determined, responsible, pessimistic and opinionated, among other things. Those with a moon in Capricorn are eager to learn but more interested in practical knowledge instead of theoretical. They are often organized, ambitious, and self-sufficient. They also suffer from feelings of insecurity and loneliness, which they try to conceal with a dry sense of humor. They fear abandonment or having someone cease to love them. Moon Capricorns tend to be cautious and reserved in love, and have difficulty putting their complete trust in another person. They are loyal, generous and giving. Moon Capricorns are also persistent, ambitious and have powerful personalities. For a person born under a water sign, a Capricorn moon gives force and dynamism to their creativity, which often helps them attract wealth and fame.

There's also your ascendant or rising sign, which reflects your outward demeanor and how you are perceived. Many feel that a person's personality is a blend of their sun sign and their rising sign. My rising sign is also Capricorn. They have strong personalities, willpower and determination. They diligently pursue their goals which often revolve around a better life. They are calculating, with quick intelligence and an ability to gain information quickly. They are often worriers and create contingency plans to make sure every outcome is covered. They love deeply, but sometimes have trouble showing their feelings. They also deal with jealousy and resentment. Capricorn ascendants often have a sibling rivalry and conflict with their fathers.

It's kinda freaky how the majority of the traits for my sun sign, moon sign and rising sign apply to me. But then again, that's why I'm a believer in astrology. If you're interested in astrology, I highly recommend The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. It's a great wealth of information. I've found the chapter on astrology and love very interesting. I've looked up the signs of various boyfriends, and been surprised at what I found. For example, I looked up the combination for myself and the Vegas dude, and astrology said our signs weren't a match. What do you know, they were right!

Are you a believer of astrology? Do you exhibit the traits of your sign?