A Response to a Consumerist Comment

I dont know if I've ever mentioned this, but I read The Consumerist pretty religiously. I like to be an informed consumer, and I've picked up lots of tips/info from reading the site. But today I read some comments that just made my blood boil. Sadly, I couldn't comment over there (I got banned a few months ago for posting "tl;dr" on a ridiculously long piece, oh well) but I just HAD to get my thoughts out, hence this post. The offending comment was posted this article, "Black Blogger Alliance Hits Talk Show Host Where It Hurts". Basically, the post notes how after Glenn Beck went on his "Obama is a racist!" tirade, some Black bloggers began lobbying his advertisers and several pulled their ads (or at least had them moved to different time slots but still airing on Fox News).

And now, the comment:

Not exactly on topic, but why is OK that there is "Black entertainment Network", "Black Enterprise" magazine, and "National Association of Black Engineers", but even float the idea that you want to call your magazine "White people monthly" or your new TV station "White television" and suddenly you're a racist? This has just always bugged me.


I mean, REALLY? You just can't understand WHY there is a need for BET (let's not discuss the merits of BET now, but think about what it was intended to be/was back in the day), NSBE and Black Enterprise? Suddenly the election of a Black President means that racism in this country is over, we've wiped the slate clean, and everyone is on the same footing?

I think not. And shame on you for being so stupid and shallow that you can't dig even an inch into the surface of the topic and really THINK about it.

What annoyed me the most was not the comment, or the fake ignorance the writer tried to use...what bothered me most was the number of comments afterward echoing the orignal commenters opinion. How can so many people not understand the concept? It boggles my mind. Yes, I know there are folks who go through life & never understand or even care about the plight/lives of non-White people. But even the most inadequate public school education gives a cursory overview of slavery, Harriet Tubman, MLK & Malcolm X & the Civil Rights Movement. So a person has to have at least some idea of the marginalization that all minorities, especially Blacks, have experienced in this country. BET came about because MTV wouldn't play Black artists on the air. NSBE was formed because Black students in engineering didn't have a support system. We have the National Dental Association and the National Medical Association because the ADA & AMA wouldn't allow Black dentists and doctors to join. And the list goes on and on and on...

The other thing that bothered me were the numerous "Yeah! We should get to being a colorblind society!" *sigh again* Why does that always have to be the default answer for White people? Really? You want to live in a colorblind society? Well, that won't stop people from grouping themselves, and a group deciding they are better than another group. That's why we have sexism, ageism, homophobia/discrimination based on sexual orientation, etc. No matter what, folks are going to continue to think they are better than others because of some physical trait that they had no control over. Simply "not seeing race" doesn't solve the problem or make people suddenly turn into hippy free-love thinkers either.

So what do you think? Was I wrong to be frustrated/offended by that comment?