A Life Update

It's been a little over a month since my life completely changed. First, my love LM moved to Minneapolis and we began cohabitating, and then we got engaged! I still cannot believe I'm engaged - I stare at my left hand a lot, partially cause my ring is gorgeous and partially cause I'm just amazed I have a ring! I knew we were going to get engaged, we talked about our future a lot, but I'm still amazed that it happened. In the years I've kept this blog, I've written a lot about my relationships and my fears of being an old maid. LM says he can't believe that I ever thought that, but the evidence can be found in various posts on this blog. Anyway, that doesn't matter, cause we're getting married! Living together is going extremely well, smoother than I expected. I was nervous because neither of us has lived with a significant other, and I haven't shared space with someone since college. We got a glimpse of how we share space during our extended visits, and they went extremely well, which made me feel like we'd be ok. We've been living together harmoniously so far, the only issue we have is around our lack of space. My apartment is only 750sqft and it's just not enough space for all of our stuff. We also need a second bathroom. Since my lease was ending this summer anyway, we decided to find a bigger place. We're moving next week and I cannot wait! We'll have more space, we'll be in a better location, and we'll be out of my old (and kinda shitty) apartment.

Next week, after the move, we got to DC for my BFF's wedding. I'm so excited to see him and his fiancée get married. After the wedding, we head to Puerto Rico for my birthday. I cannot wait to have a few days away, to relax on the beach, and take our first vacation together.

Work is ehhh...I've been putting my energy into finding my next role, which is very common at my company. Other than that, i'm cranking out work, which is really just a lot of copy & paste *sigh*.

The rest of my brain is dominated by all things wedding but I'll save all that angst for another post.