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A Crazy Trip to the Nail Shop

Yesterday I took a look at my feet & decided I needed to hit the nail shop. Yes, it had been a minute since I'd gotten a pedicure, so I hopped in the car and drove to the other side of town. I started going to this particular nail shop when I first moved to Orlando (and thus lived on that side of town) and didnt want find someplace new. Anyway, if you know anything about Orlando, then you know that one of the main roads, Orange Blossom Trail (or OBT) is a known hoe stroll, from about the Turnpike up to Colonial, and maybe even north of that. You can see hoes out on OBT, anytime day or night, even at noon, which is crazy to me.

This is important to the story, cause the nail shop is on OBT, across from the Florida Mall....that area has a lot of tourists, and apparently tourists need hoes.

But I digress...back to the story...

So I'm in my pedicure seat, soaking my feet and twitting away (I'm such an addict) when these two loud chicks & a dude come in. The shop was pretty much empty, so their entrance got everyone's attention. They asked for full sets & eyebrow waxes, so they had to walk past where I was sitting.

First thing I noticed was that these chicks had on ridiculously high heels...the kind that either models in runway shows or hookers wear. And 1 chick (the white girl) had on these itty-bitty shorts with a big ass tattoo on her thigh. Yeah, I know, a tattoo does not equal hoe, I'm just setting the scene.

So I'm getting my feet done, twitting, and listening to these loud ass chicks...and the stuff they was saying was really making me question if they were hoes or not. I couldnt tell one way or the other at first.

But then I moved to the table to let my feet dry, so I was right across from the white girl. She got a phone call and this is basically how it went down: "Hello? Can I help you?" "Who is this?" "Oh Luis, how you doing? "Yeah, I can probably come through in about an hour, cause I'm getting my nails done" "Its 100 and no less" "Naw its 100 or nothing!" "Man, tighten up!" *click*

Yeah....she was a hoe.

And then she and her friend discussed putting pics up on Craigslist, and I doubt they put them in the "dating" section, if you know what I mean. Lots of loud talking and whatnot, and their conversation was so obvious, if you were halfway paying attention. When did hoes start putting all they biz out there in the nail shop?

I couldnt believe it...I've never had much interaction with actual hoes before, besides just seeing them walk down the street. I didnt realize they were so high-tech with the cell phones & Internet and whatnot.

Anyway...anybody else got any crazy hoe stories?

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