41. Winter Is Coming (In Minnesota)

Photo by  Aaron Wilson  on  Unsplash

Happy Friday!

Today I woke up to temps near freezing, and a weather report that mentioned a blizzard, a winter storm warning, and 7 days of temps in the 40s. Yup, winter is coming back to Minnesota and making an early appearance. The Twin Cities will only see flurries, but it’s only a matter of time before we have our first storm of the season. Hopefully this year it can hold off until after Halloween!

It’s been quite a week for me - in the same week we learned our water heater needed to be replaced, and our toddler came down with Influenza A. I actually had her scheduled for a flu shot last week…and then she got sick the day before her appointment! Luckily I’ve already received my flu shot this season so I’m feeling good despite the level of germs in our house. This is your reminder to get yourself and family members a flu shot, especially if you’re expecting!

What I Read This Week:

Sports Illustrated was sold recently, and their new owners are turning what was once an amazing site into a content mill (and laying off half the staff)

This piece from The Atlantic sums up quite nicely how I’ve been feeling about the technical challenges on The Great British Baking Show

Halloween costume inspo from Queen Bey

Post-Great Recession, housing wealth is transferring from families to corporations at alarming rates

Glamour made a list of all the fashion brands that have introduced plus sizes in 2019

Get into these essential pop-culture podcasts

I love this oral history of Lizzo’s rise to fame, and that it came courtesy of Minneapolis - St. Paul Magazine

I read this story about a girl suspended after raising the alarm at her school about rape, and it instantly reminded me of this great episode from The Cut on Tuesdays about whisper networks

The most prolific serial killer in US history was allowed to thrive for decades because he targeted women of color

Gabrielle at Design Mom has been documenting the process of moving her family to France - out of the series, this post on how to get visas was the most informative for me.

As a mom of a young child (and with one on the way), I relate so hard to this letter from Motherly

Turns out that you can inherit two copies of the same chromosome from one parent, and it’s more common than researchers thought.

If you’ve ever spent time on The Knot and wondered how they got started, this is the podcast episode for you

Other Stuff:

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Have a fabulous weekend!