35. Nostalgia


I love pop culture - movies, music, TV, books, etc. I dig a lot of current stuff but over the past few months I’ve found myself gravitating towards music, movies and TV from the 80’s and 90’s - all the stuff I grew up on. I don’t know why I started doing this, I just got this urge to revisit all this old stuff I grew up on. Whatever the reason was, it makes me happy to revisit the things I loved in my childhood.

So that means in the car I’m listening to lots of New Jack Swing & 90’s R&B, introducing my daughter to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, and revisiting all the music I loved in high school.

At home I’m watching of ton of old stuff like Designing Women (which is now on Hulu!) and Golden Girls reruns, cause I can’t get enough of 80s sitcoms with 4 ladies, LOL.

Things I Read This Week:

Why cashier’s checks are part of so many online scams (Vox)

Companies Are Realizing That Being Publicly Conservative Is Really Unpopular (Vice)

Getting Dressed Sucks When You’re Disabled. Where’s the Adaptive Clothing Boom? (MEL Magazine)

When Transgender Travelers Walk Into Scanners, Invasive Searches Sometimes Wait on the Other Side (ProPublica)

“It’s a F--king Scam”: Beware the Hollywood Con Queen (Vanity Fair)

The Fashion Industry Has a Plus-Size Problem. These Women Want to Fix It (Glamour)

Former Uber Employee Says 'Safe Rides Fee' Was the Rip-Off You Always Suspected (Gizmodo)

What I Learned by Printing Thousands of Pages of My Facebook Data (Slate Magazine)

Goodbye Popeye's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, We Hardly Knew Ye (Refinery29)

The Price of Being Fat (Teen Vogue)

Same-sex marriage in the US has been legal for years now, but queer couples still face wedding hurdles. Meet the planners who want to change that. (Buzzfeed News)

Why Big Movie Chains Won’t Show Martin Scorsese’s Netflix Epic (The Atlantic)

We may never know how many people have accidentally signed up to pay Rihanna $50 a month (Vox)

NFL Players Are Evolving. Fans Aren’t Keeping Up. (Vox)

Other Stuff:

Last weekend we made it to the Minnesota State Fair! The “Great Minnesota Get Together” is an institution - everyone goes to the fair. We’ve gone the last six years and I was really happy to keep the streak alive. Usually it’s hot and humid at the fair, but this year the weather was perfect - 75 and sunny with no humidity and a nice breeze. We got a chance to see a bunch of animals, visit a bunch of booths and eat a ton of food. Pregnancy means I couldn’t eat a few of my faves but I still got my fill of yummy treats on a stick.

How are you spending your Labor Day weekend? We’re heading to MI to visit my family and I can’t wait! We haven’t been home in almost a year and I’m so excited to see everyone and catch up.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!