31 Days Reset Challenge - Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge. Today's exercise is to do a life assessment. The goal of this exercise is to take an honest look at seven key areas of your life, and see what is & isn't working. For each of these areas, you should ask yourself: what do I LOVE about this area in my life, and what do I HATE about it?

So I'll be assessing my life in the following areas:

  • Lifestyle
  • Work
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Family
  • Relationships

This is a great challenge, because I tend to compartmentalize my life. Looking at different facets of my life & dissecting each one is right up my alley.

Alrighty...here's my assessment:

*Lifestyle: What I love most is that I'm back in an area that I genuinely love. I've spoken a lot about how unhappy I was in Orlando, and how I couldn't wait to get to a city I really wanted to be in. My move back to Minneapolis in January 2010 was exactly what I needed. I love being back in the Midwest, and back in Minneapolis specifically. I really enjoy the city & what it has to offer. What I hate about my lifestyle is that I'm not as involved in the community as I would like to be. There are so many opportunities and events to be involved in, and I tend to do the same old things. One goal for myself is to become involved in an organization or activity that meets regularly, in an effort to get out more and take advantage of what's available.

*Work: What I love about this area of my life is  the opportunities that are available to me. While I do want to change my career, I am still able to work in my current field (technology/physical sciences) and gain new skills, especially in stretch areas. What I hate about my work life is my actual job. I no longer feel the passion for the laboratory that I once felt, and my work environment now is highly bureaucratic and regimented. I'm looking to either transition completely out of the transitional corporate structure, or move to a position that will allow me to have a more flexible work arrangement.

*Education: What I love is the level of education I have been able to achieve, and the institutions I attended. I am a proud alumna of the University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech, and both universities opened up numerous opportunities to me. What I hate is the idea of going back to school. I would like additional training, specifically in business, entrepreneurship and management, but the idea of going back to school does not excite me at all. Between the time commitment and the cost, I'm just not interested in adding another degree to my resume. I will continue to pursue education and learning, but not in a formalized way.

*Finances: What I love is that my career allows me to live a lifestyle that I enjoy. I've probably enjoyed it too much, but hey, that's life. I can afford to not have a roommate, to take spur-of-the-moment trips,, eat out regularly, etc. What I hate is that I haven't been as financially responsible as I should have been. I went from being super broke in undergrad/grad school, to then making an insane amount of $$$ and getting significant raises in a short amount of time. I went overboard in enjoying the things I thought I wanted. Now I'm finding a happy medium between being cheap and living like there is no tomorrow. I have a plan in place to eliminate my non-student loan debt by the end of 2011, along with building my savings nest egg in anticipation of buying a house in the next 2 years.

*Health: What I love is that I've learned & grown when it comes to my health, and what being healthy means to me. I'm inspired by a lot of people around me to be the best I can be - physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have a plan in place to get me to the place I want to be, and I'm actively working that plan. What I hate is that it took me so long to figure all this out. I wasted some opportunities to utilize services, and also get my health situation on track sooner, but that's ok. What matters now is that I have a plan & so far I've had some great success. And I'm motivated to continue on my path.

*Family: What I love is that I'm connected with my family, specifically my immediate family. My mom & I are very close, and my siblings & I all have our own unique relationships. I became an auntie last year and I love spending time with my nieces & now nephew. I even reconnected with my dad this year, which was a big plus. What I hate is my lack of closeness with my extended family. Even though I grew up regularly visiting my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, there isn't the same type of bond there like there is with my immediate family. I have a bad habit of not calling people, and I'm sure we could be closer if I had stayed closer to home instead of leaving when I was 18. I would like to have closer relationships with some of my extended family, and working on that is a goal.

*Relationships: What I love is the people I've surrounded myself with & the journey they've been on with me. My friends are like family to me, I appreciate & cherish them for all they give me. I've been very blessed to make some good friends & learn a lot from them. What I hate is my preoccupation with being in a romantic relationship. I spent a lot of time being upset that I wasn't in a relationship, and I've recently come to peace with & embracing my singleness. While I do want to be in a relationship, I finally get what my friend was trying to tell me - being single isn't a curse, it's actually a gift & I should treat it as such. Learning that lesson has allowed me to approach relationships in a different way & I feel a greater sense of fulfillment now.

Wow! What a great exercise. Seeing it all laid out like this has been really helpful. I've thought a lot about these key areas, but I hadn't laid them all out together in this way. I can really see the big picture of what I want for my life from this exercise, and I'm already formulating ideas on how to either tweak the plans I've currently made, or to make new ones.

Have you done your life assessment? What did you learn about yourself?