31 Day Reset Challenge - Day 7

Today is Day 7 in the 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge. Today's assignment is to write your ideal life narrative. So far in this challenge we've developed a mantra, identified values, and created a life map. The ideal life narrative tells the story of the life you want to live. Using the 7 key areas from the life map, you outline just how you're living your ideal life. The only rule is that you must use present tense, such as "I am" or "I have".

I love this challenge. Speaking things into existence, staying in the Now, and using the present tense for what I want are all things I've picked up from my Law of Attraction (LoA) studies.

Here's my ideal life narrative:

I live in a large urban city, in the center of the excitement & activities. I have a beautiful townhouse with ample space. I host several parties & events at my home throughout the year. I spend several weeks out of the year traveling, including 2-3 international trips. I run a successful niche firm with my business partner/friend, turning a 6 figure profit each year and allowing us to run our business fulltime. I use my social networking skills to generate additional income and visibility. I keep myself healthy by living a Paleo lifestyle and meditating every morning. I have a close relationship with my immediate & extended family, and visit several times a year. I have supportive friends who I enjoy doing a variety of activities with. I am loved & appreciated by my loving wonderful husband and we have an amazing marriage. I read extensively and utilize the guidance of my mentors to further my education. I have ample savings in 3 funds: emergencies, retirement, and travel/fun. I live debt-free and stellar credit.

I wrote this in my journal first, and I wrote & re-wrote for about 45 minutes before I came to a version I was happy with. I like how the above sounds! There's definitely power in writing all that out & then speaking it out loud.