31 Day Reset Challenge - Day 18

Yes I'm still catching up, here's my post for Day 18 of the 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge. Today's exercise is to "spice up your love life". My first thought was "what love life?" LOL. The ups & downs in my romantic life has been the subject of numerous posts in this blog. This year I actually dated a couple of great guys, but the timing was all wrong (as usual for me). I played around & had fun for a couple years, but now I'm ready to be serious. Unfortunately, you can't just snap your fingers & then have a serious relationship with the right person fall into your lap...you gotta do some work to make it happen.

Since I'm a single lady, I have to get a love life first before I can spice it up right? So for this challenge I decided to do some exploring of online dating. I know some of yall are anti-online dating...but its 2010 & online dating is commonplace now. I'm actually pro-online dating, you never know who you'll meet online that you would have never run into on the streets.

I decided to try 2 sites: Okcupid & Black People Meet (BPM). Okcupid is free, and I figure it never hurts to use something that's free, right? So far it seems like I get more responses from White men, but that's not a problem for me, now that I've embraced interracial dating. I've used BPM before (incidently its how I met the dude in Jacksonville, who is STILL calling me, but I digress) and after doing a search I found a few interesting men to email.

I'll be reporting back on how this experiment goes.

What did you do to spice up your love life? Any tips?