29. Lazy Summer Days

Photo by   Ylanite Koppens   from   Pexels

Happy Friday!

I must admit - I’m writing this post on Friday morning, from my day job. Normally I write this post on Wed evening and finish it on Thursday evening, but I’ve been struggling the past few weeks with having a consistent writing schedule. since I took my staycation. Basically I’ve been lazy, LOL. But it’s summer so there should be some level of slowness and chill time, right?

My chillness has even extended to my knitting - I’m trying to add stock to my Etsy shop but I’ve lost the motivation to knit!

Hopefully next week I can get back to actually writing in advance and also regain my knitting mojo. Send me some motivation and less heat!

Things I Read This Week:

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Other Stuff:

William and I started watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix - this show is hilarious! Looks like it will be our new show to watch together.

While everyone will be seeing The Lion King this weekend, I think I’m going to see The Farewell instead. All the reviews of the film have been excellent, and I loved the original This American Life story that inspired the film.

Enjoy your weekend!