27 Is Off To A Great Start

I've been 27 years old for a week and it already kicks 26's ass. How awesome is that? I did my 2nd birthday celebration in Atlanta this past weekend. I won't rehash every single detail but I will say:

*There's NOTHING BETTER than people who truly love you...and I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by those folks. I know they are just a phone call/email/text/@reply/smoke signal away and that they'd ride for me til the wheels fall off...that's TRUE FRIENDSHIP and to those folks (cause yall know who you are) I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH AND THANKS FOR BEING MY TRUE FRIEND!!!!

*My former Party Girl ways are officially behind me. I'm not saddened at all. I'm just a grown-up now, and now I'm a Party Woman. Party Woman likes different types of events, she's more laid-back and chill, no longer needs to be the center of attention/loudest voice in the room. I didn't hit the club this weekend and I wasn't mad about it at all. Such is life.

*Almost everyone I know is in a relationship. I dont think that's ever happened before. It does my heart good to know that my folks are happy and in love. I'm not there yet, but I know I will be. I've been dating the same guy since April, and I really have no desire to make him my boyfriend, which means I'll probably be going back to the drawing board soon (cause yall know I got a 3 month dating attention span). With the million blogs discussing what's wrong with Black relationships and why Black men and women can't get along, I love that I'm surrounded by so many happy Black couples. Makes me feel good & keeps me hopeful (as opposed to being worried I'mma end up the crazy cat lady, yay!).

*I always talk about getting my life together, but I finally actually got some help on how to do that. A life coach, if you will. Its fabulous, and so freaking worth it. I'm getting the help I need to accomplish the things I want to achieve and that's great.