25 Songs, 25 Days - Day One

Day 1 - A song from your childhood Ok, before I post the song, I need to give some background...

When I was a kid, both my parents worked full-time. During the school year my brothers & I would spend a few hours at home alone (yes I'm a latchkey kid), but you can't leave 3 badass kids home alone all day during the summer, so.....my mom sent us to day camp at our local Boys & Girls Club.

My first summer going to the Boys & Girls Club was the summer between elementary & middle school. I turned 11 that summer, and you know how you feel so big & bad when you move up to a new school. Anyway, the thing I remember most about that summer was how cool we thought we all were. I remember, for my birthday that year I got my first pair of "designer" sneakers - Filas! Don't front like Filas weren't hot in like '92-'93.

That summer, I had a crew of girls that I ran with, and we ran the Boys & Girls Club...or at least the preteens. We played in the game room & the gym, hung out on the playground, and snuck into the Teen Room whenever we could (you had to be 13 I think to go in there). That summer was also the beginning of really "liking" boys - and everybody in my crew had a crush on one of the counselors, I think it was maybe late teens or early 20's. Regardless of his age, we all thought he was yummy delicious (no I wasn't saying yummy delicious back then but you know what I mean!) & stuck to him like white on rice.

Aight...so getting back to the point. Whenever I hear the following song, I think about sitting on the playground with my crew, some of the boys & this counselor...just chilling...and singing this song. Which was SO INAPPROPRIATE for 11-13 year olds to be singing...but hey, it happens.

So the song?


BTW, that summer was the summer of singing inappropriate songs. Cause I clearly recall being in the Teen Room singing SWV's "Weak" and H-Town's "Knockin Da Boots" as well. #youth