A New Start

In January 2010 I left my job in Orlando to move back to Mpls for a new job. And after about 6 months, I realized that what I signed up for isn't what I got. There was a combo of bait-and-switch & also me wanting to get out of Orlando so bad that I didn't fully vet the situation. On top of that, I began to feel that I was ready to leave the laboratory behind. After 5 years in industry and 6 years in school, I was burned out & ready to tackle a new challenge. So I began job hunting. And I got some interviews. But I was so afraid to jump into a bad situation once again, that I pulled out of several interview processes. If it didn't feel right or gave me any type of pause, I didn't pursue it. I did pursue an internal ou, and was one of the final candidates, but didn't get the job.

I was determined that 2012 was going to be different. I networked and rewrote my resume. I applied for tons of positions in a variety of fields. I prayed, I meditated, I sent out positive energy. I thought I found a great opportunity, but numerous obstacles proved it wasn't for me.

And then I got a call out of the blue! From a company I was dying to get into - I must have applied to 10 jobs there! I never heard back abt any of those positions, but an internal recruiter found my resume in their system & called me about a different job. Once I heard the description & responsibilities, I thought it would be a great fit. I scored a phone interview & then an on-site interview. I did my on-site interview while I was battling the beginning of a sinus infection, but I rocked it. After one last phone interview...I got the job!

And I couldn't be happier.

It feels like it all worked out the way it was supposed to. There were things I needed to learn in this experience before I could move to the next. I wanted to be sure that I was going to a great opportunity & not just escaping a bad one. I needed certain things in my next position - to be free of the lab, to dress like a 30-year-old career woman, to have the privilege of using my phone in my office!

As I move through this transition, I'm a bit sad to be leaving behind such a large part of my life. But it's overshadowed by the excitement I feel for the future.

And to think...I turned 30 about 6 weeks ago. So far, 30 is great!