14. Progress, Not Perfection


You know how Shonda Rimes had a "year of yes”? I realized recently that I’m having a “year of doing shit that scares me”. It actually started in late 2018 and it’s helped me hit the ground running in 2019. I took some much needed leaps of faith and also made some investments in myself, which are slowly paying off.

Accomplishments in Q1 2019:

I started my Etsy shop - opening JTM Knits has been a dream for a few years, but I got the push I needed to do it totally by accident. I had some leftover yarn from a different project and I decided to use it to make myself a slouchy beanie, and I got multiple orders when I posted it on social media. I’ve made 10 sales so far and I’m really excited about my progress.

I stuck to a writing schedule - I really missed writing regularly and I knew that I needed to continue to flex that muscle. I also didn’t want to lose momentum with my writing and posting regular content. So I gave myself a small goal of posting once a week, on Fridays. In Q1 I was able to stick to this goal, only missing one Friday when I traveled to Tulum in February. I’ve now added a second day of content (Tuesdays!), with the ultimate goal of publishing three times a week. I’m also continuing to write for A Practical Wedding, in my Ask Jareesa column, and other one off pieces that I pitch to them.

I completed the 1K1Day program - I’ve been following Nicole Walters for a couple of years and I’ve been very intrgued by her 1K1Day program for new entrepreneurs. I went back and forth about if I should do it or not, and at the same moment I decided to just go for it. I’m so glad I did - I’ve learned a ton and it’s given me the structure and clarity that I needed for my entrepreneurial journey. I’m implementing the things that I’ve learned and I’m really excited about this new direction.

Keep in mind, this is all on top of the normal stuff like working my corporate, running our household, and spending time with my family. I also took a weekend trip to Tulum which was amazing and I definitely need another one of those soon.

Things I read this week:

The Women Changing the Face of Contemporary Tattoo Culture (Man Repeller)

This is incredibe—Just one month after giving birth this mom had two more babies (Motherly)

Celebrating Debt Freedom Is Gauche (Chief Mom Officer)

3 Girls Fought Their School's Sexist Dress Code and Won in Court (Jezebel)

The Complicated Life and Death of Nipsey Hussle (Vulture)

Is Hustle Culture Actually Hurting Us? (Girlboss)

How to overcome perfectionism in a judgmental world (Quartz)

Women’s Work: Being Promoted To Clean Up (Role Reboot)

Millennials Are in Their Thirties (The Cut)

The rent’s ‘too damn high’ in rural America, too (Curbed)

Creating the Space & Knowing Our Value: On Being A Black Artist in the Design Community (Design*Sponge)

So, Uh, What Happened on Game of Thrones? (Vulture)

Things I’m Loving This Week:

I finished my test knit! It’s a gorgeous shawl but it is HUGE! I’m really happy to get a test knit under my belt and get the experience.

This weekend is the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop - it’s an opportunity to visit local yarn shops, donate to charity and pick up lots of squishy yarn. Last year I got some great projects and I’m excited to pick up some new items!